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Welcome to the German School of Northeast Kansas


We are in the last planning stages for the new Spring semester.
Come join us for Spring 2015!

The Spring Semester will begin on Jan 24 and ends on April 25.
Spring break with no classes on March 14 and 21!

School Information
GSNEKS offers 2 semesters a year. The fall semester begins in September and the spring semester begins in January.

Our students currently attend classes in three age groups:
Bären for students 4- 7 years old, Igel for children 7-14 years, and Sterne for students 14 and older.
The groupings are flexible, based on experience and interest. We consult with parents and students about what suits best.

Class Information
Spring 2015 - Both current and prospective parents / students are invited to our first session of the Spring 2015 semester on January 24th, 2015.
Enrollment forms are available for download as well.

The first class session of the Spring semester will be on January 24th, Saturdays without class will be announced at the beginning of the semester.

All students meet just before 9.30 am on Saturdays at Bishop Seabury Academy, located at 4120 Clinton Parkway, Lawrence, KS.

9.30 - 9.45 am Morgenkreis (Opening group circle time) - all students
9.45 - 11.00 am Students meet in their individual classes until the bell rings just a few minutes prior to 11 for closing activities

Directions to the school:
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We would like to hear from you!
Contact us via email
or phone @ 785.218.9700
or find us on Facebook

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Fasching at GSNEKS 2015

Direktor's Corner

Feb 24, 2015
Spring classes began on
January 24th with about 20 students. The adult class is the largest class at 10 students and is now being taught by Adreas Kuhn. This past Saturday we celebrated a traditional Fastnach with the younger students making masks. Classes will continue through April 25 with two weeks off for spring break.